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No Mick Jagger Albums, Petaluma Gig Next Week, Summer Plans.

Nothing much has happened to me lately. I've been doing my own little projects here and there, but that's pretty much it.

Yesterday I tried to get two Mick Jagger albums and called Best Buy ahead of time to see if they had the two albums I wanted in stock. The woman on the phone told me they had plenty of them in stock. Well I got there to find out they didn't have them at all. So I talked to the manager of the store and he looked up the albums on the computers and told me that they weren't selling those albums anymore, since they were too old or something like that. He apologized to me many times, and I told him that at least he's doing his best to help me out. I was mostly pissed at the fact the lady on the phone gave me the wrong information, and made me waste my time on going to Best Buy in the first place, and going thru this crap, but whatever. It's not the end of the world.

Next Thursday, I'll be seeing Only On Tuesdays, Locale AM, Over It, and someone else that I can't remember... The Drive Home maybe, I forget. Anyways, it's gonna be a blast! So if any local people from Cali have nothing better to do on a Thursday night, then come to Petaluma and see the show! :-)

Next week, my girl Raven's gonna come see me for a couple of days. I'm so excited! Haven't seen her in 8-9 years.

I think I might have part of my summer planned, but this is without knowing what my part time work schedule is going to be, which is something I'm supposed to be getting in the mail soon. So there's next week stuff that I mentioned. I'll probably be working in the last week of June, roughly. In July, I'd like to see the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. I'd like to stay for a week or two in the Sierras, where I used to live from 3-11 years old, and visit some old time friends I used to hang out with. Then I'll leave there and stay at mom's place for a week or something, and see Steely Dan in Konocti with her, then come home. Then in August, I'm forced to spend two weeks traveling with my folks. I guess we'll be going to Pennsilvania to visit my grandad who I don't know very well; then travel down to Florida for I don't know what; then go to Jamaica and hang out there for while; then come home. After I come home from this family trip, I go right back into school, which sucks. I seriously don't want to do this trip with my folks, but I guess it'll be fun, I dunno..

Wow I had no idea this entry was gonna be huge. oops. Well as Adam and Dr. Drew (from Loveline) would say in the end of their show every night, "Mahalo."
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