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Ow, my eyes kinda sting at the moment so this will probably be a short entry. I worked today from 9-6 and it was ok, not bad and not good either. Well actually it kinda got bad at the last hour of my shift because I was doing bagging assistance for a customer who had his very young son with him. Not knowing what was going on since I had my back to the kid and the shopping cart was behind me, he was climbing on the side of the empty shopping cart, and then it tipped over towards him and fell on top of him! Even though it wasn't my fault and it was the parent's fault for not watching him and stuff, I still feel bad about it and wished he hadn't gotten hurt. But he got over it fast and is probably fine now. At least I'm hoping so anyway.

I was invited to go out clubbing with one of my friends from work. But I didn't go for a few reasons:
1. Weather's really crappy here and I don't want to have to go out in crappy weather like this.
2. My friend's friend was going to drive us both going over there and back, but I don't know him and I don't know if he's a safe and good driver or not. So it would've been better if the parents were driving us.
3. I also needed to chill out from what happened at work: That whole thing completely ruined the mood of my wanting to go clubbing and I just didn't want to go there all depressed and shocked and stuff...

Short news on me & Ariel: near the end of last night, she ICQed me appoligizing for saying all the bad stuff she said about death and suicide and stuff... Here's what she said:
"I dont know if you're on or not...actually i'd rather you aren't. when i say this.but i do want to say a bit before i leave. I'm sorry that i brought up anything with death....i was hurt and not thinking and after the way my life has been going that actually didnt sound too bad. But it's wrong and i know it. I cared about you alot. And i will cry and be hurt for a long time. I feel i put alot into this....and so it does hurt me alot when you just give up. But that's not my call nor my choice. I guess things happen in life that way. What i want isn't what you want and i've never been the type of person to be mad at someone for how they feel. And i'm not going to start now. I do love you Molly if i didnt i wouldn't be crying and hurt. But if we aren't together in the way i want then i hope that when the hurt starts to fade we can at least be friends. I'm really sorry that we coudn't hold and kiss each other. I'm gonna go now..n lie down....*is in tears*...i'm sorry i yelled at you and hurt you..and i'm sorry you dad got involved...and i'm sorry we couldnt be like Logan and Josh. Dream Sweet"
That being that, it made me feel tons better, but I still miss her. We've decided for now that we should just chill from each other for the weekend, then I can call her tomorrow night when she gets home, so we can actually talk things over. SOunded like the best decision to me, and i'm sticking with it.

Well this was longer than I thought it was going to be, but I just didn't feel like writing earlier today. Anyway I'm going to relax and maybe watch Saturday night live, then go to sleep. Gotta wake up kinda early in the morning. I work the same shift as I did today. Good night... zzz ;-)

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