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Scattered Thoughts on Yesterday & Sunday, and Work

Today should be a Tuesday, but it's not, and that's okay. These 3 day weekend things throw my days off...

Yesterday was the strangest day ever. Woke up late, went to training for an inventory job that I'm starting on Sunday. Then I came back here, and went to my neighbor's place below our apt and hung out there (Weird stuff happened within itself that's too complicated to mention). Then I went shopping with Suze, rented some movies, got a bad burrito for dinner, then came home and listened to Loveline (extremely hilarious stuff last night). then I watched "Just A Kiss" and went to bed late. My folks slept up on the hill right by our deck, so it was kinda nice to have the night to myself.

I'm supposed to go in for a second day of training for the inventory job, but the guy hasn't called me back to tell me what time to meet up with him. I don't like sitting here hanging like this, when I could be doing other stuff right now. Ah well.

Sunday was BBQ day. Suze's daughter was here, along with our neighbors #2. Good food, long talks, and sitting under the stars for hours. Pretty relaxing.

Gonna go up on the hill and finish my Rolling Stones book.

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