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Sleepy Mind Catching Up On Final Events

My folks have been on vacation for almost 5 days, and they will be returning home in about 12 hours from now. I LOVE being home alone to myself, OMG! Total freedom! Feels good!

Anyways, I have my Singing Voice final tomorrow morning at 8am; E's gonna swing by here and pick me up way over to class, which will be nice.

I took the time to clean my room up a bit and move a few things around. Now I can actually walk through the damn room and be impressed by how clean it looks thus far. It's not even done yet, but it's looking better than it was 48 hours ago. Geez. I'm such a slob sometimes. Yuck!

Tomorrow night is my ex-high school's music spring concert. That should be fun. Right now, I must sleep or else I'll be going into class unprepared for anything. Need to get up at 6am. Will ramble more laterz.
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