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Ariel's at her dad's house and we've been talking on ICQ. Then she gets all mad at me because I'm away from my computer for about 10 minutes to do something. Seems like I can't please people anymore... So I come down to a decision that will be hard to deal with, but will get easier by the day. I've decided to just be friends with Ariel and nothing more. I think that she expects too much of me, which brings more stress to me and I don't need it. So I told her and of course hurt and pain broke loose from both ends so we're both hurting again and a lot. Now she just got back online and has something important to tell me.

I have come to realize that whether I'm doing good, bad, or whatever, it's helped me more writing in here than in my own personal diary that I've written in for years. I don't know why. I don't get much reponse from people but I still feel better after I write in here. That being that, I'm gonna talk to Ariel some more and write later hopefully.

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