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Yesterday's Confusing Fun Stuff

Just woke up about a half hour ago, since I stupidly went to bed at almost 5am. I was hanging out with my folks and talking about random stuff.

Anyways, yesterday was sorta interesting. In the afternoon, I got myself motivated to get homework done (which I still need to do) and get out of the house for a bit. Went to COM and saw E doing some glass art. After his class, we drove to a subway place to get a quick bite to eat. E had ordered his sandwich and I hadn't decided what I wanted yet. So I asked the guy serving us at the counter to wait till I was ready to order my thing. A few minutes later, I told the same guy what I wanted, and he interrupted me and told both E & me that he wasn't willing to serve us, and that we had to leave and come back within a half hour or something without any reason. As insulted and offended as I was by his rude comment, E & I stormed outta there and walked the Bagel place, and we eventually got food for the night. E kept asking me, "What just happened in the Subway??" That incident happened too quick. Anyway, moving on to other stuff.

After stuffing ourselves, we were back at COM and I watched E's chorus rehearsal, which lasted for almost 2 hours. Then there was the chorus/chamber singers recital that went on for another 2 hours. It was amazing. Jeff P had directed in one song, and he did a fantastic job. He used to be the accompanist for the Tam chorus when I was in it last year and the year before, and he still is this year. i was just impressed with everyone's performance, and their singing solos came out really well!

After the concert, E took me home and my folks weren't home by then. They didn't get back till nearly 12! Watched "Harrison's Flowers" with them, and it's such an intense movie. Almost reminds me of "The Pianist" but different. It's a good movie and I recommend it.

Side note to myself: I just remembered that the Tam Music Dept hopefully has a concert coming up, and I gotta see it. I'd like to know when it is, where it is, etc.

Right now, I just don't feel like doing homework, even though I know I should do some of it eventually. We'll see if anyone wants to hang out for a bit, go see a movie, or a park, whatever. I just need to get out of the house for a bit. :-)
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