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Past & Futue Events With/Without Me

I realized that I hadn't put in a real post in here for a week or two, something like that. So I'll try to make this post sorta interesting, if possible...

Last time I posted, my folks were arguing. We all blew up at each other eventually, then talked everything out and things are cool now. We all know where we stand with our limits with each other, and that's good.

Last week, I tried out for a small part for a dance show that's in September and didn't get in. That's okay though, and I might consider taking a beginning dance class in the summer, so we'll see if it gets me anywhere.

Saturday night, I hung out with E & Kristi and watched a drama play of "The Crucible." I was very impressed with the whole performance and enjoyed it! Afterwards, I wanted to party and go dancing and stuff, but that idea sorta fell apart later on, after driving around in San Rafael for a while. That's all the exciting things for last weekend.

School life has been stressful and boring at the same time, and trying to get through every possible day of this semester without falling in the cracks has been sorta hard. So many things to remember to do, many assignments to get done within the next week, it's all just driving me nuts. But I'm getting thru it. Yesterday, my speech teacher didn't show up for class; therefore, no class. I'll find out what happened with that tomorrow. And today, I was supposed to take the second to last singing quiz , and it's been moved to Monday due to family emergency stuff. It's confusing, but I wish I got the stupid thing over with today, so I can go on with studying for the final.

I think that wraps this post up for now. Hope everyone's doing okay. :-)
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