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Emotionally F**ked Up, Thanks To My Folks' Control Over Me

Well I got talked to and yelled at by both of my folks. I feel like I can't even live in my own house now. I feel like they'll put me down if I go in my room to do something or I'll get yelled at for trying to help them. I feel like they took out all the control I had for myself and they're taking over everything I have. It's wrong. I feel like I'm wrong, like I shouldn't exist. I need someplace to go where I have nothing to worry about, and I wouldn't have to tip-toe around everyone's stupid rules and crap, I'm tired of it. I'd rather have my friends help me than my folks, because I'd be able to figure out what's going on with me and what I can do and should have control over, and be free. Otherwise, I'm just wasting everyone's time and rotting in this stupid life that's slowly killing me. No one would care if I died anyway, so what's the point of existing here on this stupid planet.

Whatever, this is the lamest post ever written. I don't know what I'm saying anymore. I'm just emotionally screwed up right now, and I've cried too much tonight.
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