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I Normally Don't Post Stuff Like This, BUT....

I got this from my favorite CoRri. I kinda got creative with this, and put my current thoughts and worries into each thing, so it's not a normal thing, whatever that would be.

I AM: sitting here right now.
I THINK: that I need to get stuff done today.
I KNOW: a lot about music, but not much in dancing.
I WANT: to nap out, but I can't.
I HAVE: a bunch of homework this week.
I WISH: that the sun would come out, and cheer me up.
I HATE: waking up early sometimes.
I MISS: Tele, E, Kristi, and other close friends.
I FEAR: that people are going to look down on me, if I'm not perfect on something or people think that I'm a failure.
I HEAR: cars going by and my computer machine zipping away on whatever tasks it's doing.
I SEARCH: for a second chance.
I WONDER: if people get annoyed at me about anything at all.
I REGRET: all of the stupid things I've done in my life.
I LOVE: music, close friends, and lots of sleep.
I ACHE: in my left leg - charlie horse there today.
I CARE: about all of my family and close friends.
I ALWAYS: listen to music.
I AM NOT: perfect at anything.
I DANCE: the Viva Cuba dance. (If I really could!) :-(
I SING: all the time, it keeps me going!
I CRY: when I have to, but not all the time, like I used to, when I was a kid...
I FIGHT: my thoughts, but nothing physically. Fighting gets no one anywhere, it just creates more trauma.
I WRITE: my thoughts and other things I need to remember for my personal memory bank, which is why I got this journal.
I WIN: Very rarely.
I LOSE: track of myself sometimes.
I CONFUSE: myself and friends sometimes.
I LISTEN: very well to people.
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: with E, at the college, at home, or who knows!
I NEED: to work on my persuasive speech for this Thursday.
I AM HAPPY ABOUT: Going out of the house and hanging out with E for the afternoon.
I SHOULD: write my essays for next week.
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