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Last Dance Weekend, & Other Stuff

Spring break has started for me. Friday night was the best night for E's dance performance! Everyone's dance pieces were excellently well done, and I was very impressed! The huge audience were roaring up a storm on half of them! It was the best night ever! After the show and cleaning up, E snuck me into a bar that looked trashy on the outside, but really nice environment on the inside. We didn't stay for long, but it was someone's birthday and the party was over there. After the bar party, we got food, then hung out at my house for a bit. Nice way to end a Friday night.

Yesterday was great in many ways. Heard from Tele, which lit up every possible light path in my universe. I've missed him so much. Anyways, talking/chatting with him made my day! Went to the college at about 5pm, saw Kristi later on, hung out with her a bit. Then we ushered for E's last show, saw it, and hung out with a few people there. The show itself was good, but not as good as Friday night's show. Of course, E's two pieces rocked the house! Kristi took me home after hanging out with various people, and I was dead tired.

Today was mellow, but not too exciting. Chatted with Tele on and off, talked to E on the phone for 3 hours, and chilled with my folks. It was actually nice not to leave the house for the day.

I found out that my folks are going away for a week in May, and I got the whole house to myself! It'll be so nice to have E and Kristi over. :-) I just can't wait!

Nothing much else to report. Wouldn't mind making a little love to someone, cuz I'm just a little crazy like that.. Laterz
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