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This Weekend = FUN!

My weekend was overall awesomely great!

-- Went to Tam High at 12:30pm. Hung out with people, passed out E's dance fliers to people, and left at almost 3pm.
-- E picked me up at 5:30pm and we were off to the College for Dance performance night. I ushered for his show from 7pm till 10:30pm.
-- Saw E's dance show from 8pm till 10pm. It was opening night, which was awesome!
-- E & I left the college, went to my house real quick to pick up some stuff, then headed for the housesitting place that E has to stay in for a week. We cleaned the house, since every inch of that place was filthy.
-- Watched a lesbian/gay movie, which I forget what it's called. Decent movie.
-- Cleaned the place up some more, then went to bed at about 4am.

-- I woke up at about 9am, got up, messed around on the computer, then woke E up at about 10am.
-- We went swimming at about 11am till about 12pm. Came back, made breakfast and cleaned the place some more. Then we left the place at about 1:15pm and met up with Kristi minutes later.
-- All three of us hiked the T.V trail to the beach, then hiked back. VERY windy, but tons of fun!
-- We hung out at my house at about 4pm to chill, then went to Tiburon and walked around there for a bit.
-- At 5:30pm, Kristi left for home while E & I went back to the college to do the second night of the dance performance. I ushered again, and actually got to sit down for the whole show this time. Some parts of the dance show wasn't as good as the night before, but E's dance pieces were better this time, than it was the night before.
-- After the dance show, E & I went to a afterdance party from 11pm till 1am, which was FUN!!! We completely danced our asses off, and it was worth it for a Saturday night.
-- We came back here to take care of email stuff until the change of time finally changed from 2am to 3am. So E departed then.

Sunday (Today):
-- Slept in till 1pm, and feeling completely sore all over from dancing so much last night.
-- Caught up on emails, LJ Friends stuff, and took care of a few little things around the house.
-- Watched Queer As Folk, and taped it for E to watch, since he has no cable.
-- Still sore from yesterday, and I plan on resting really good tonight, so I'm ready for tomorrow's eventful tasks at the college.

Hope everyone had a really good weekend. :-) Nighterz...
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