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Good Yesterday, Annoying Today

Yesterday was pretty cool. Talked to E on the phone for 2 hours, then went with him to his dance rehearsals for a couple of hours. The stage lightings annoyed my eyes, but other than that, I really enjoyed seeing the two pieces that E's in. :-) Made me wanna dance afterwards. Then we rushed to Target for a few things, grabbed food at Burger King, then chilled at my house till midnight or so. Then he left and I stayed up till nearly 2am catching up on a few things.

I was really out of it from yesterday, I don't know why. I've been through what seems like a bunch of mood swings within the last 6 to 10 hours from now. A few people were bugging me throughout the day and my goal for accomplishing important things didn't get done, which means I have to cram for stuff tonight. Definitely NOT cool! Actually I take that back - I only got two things done, which is rehearse my current song with E and do some research for my persuasive speech topic. Other than that, I need to get stuff done tonight that's due tomorrowz.
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