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Friday Events, Random Thoughts

My longtime best friend came out to me on Thursday, and another friend came out to me last night. I'm not saying who, because they probably wouldn't like it if I did.

It's the time of month again, which I hate, but I'll get thru it till next weekend. Woke up in aching pain, but if I do something productive, maybe it'll go down a little.

Yesterday I hung out with E, very fun times. I helped him out on a project he needs to do for his dance class, so we stayed up really late and finished the first part of the project. Whew! It's always fun hanging out with him. :-) We might hang out today if he's not too tired or whatever.

Gotta make a list of things to do, so I can figure out how much homework I need to do this weekend.

Hope y'all have a very fun and safe weekend.
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