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Not A Productive Weekend

I feel so stupid at the moment. I should be out having fun with friends, but I've been in the house all weekend, basically not getting much accomplished. Yay for me. (not!)

Anyway, just making a list of things to take care of, and it's a huge list! If I'm lucky, I'll get 3/4 of this stuff done. It's mainly schoolwork that I need to catch up on before Tuesday.

To go back in time a little, Friday was a really good day! Spent most of the day with E and did a variety of things. In the morning, there was a singing recital for an hour, which he was involved in. Great stuff! Afterwards, I watched his dance class rehearsing for an hour or so. It was so entertaining to see their moves. :-) By then, it was 12:30 and it was back to the chorus room. I watched the women learn a new song, and the guys came in later, and sang with them. Big class! Half hour later, I left to walk around and see if there was anything really cheap to get for food. I wound up just getting a small half quart of milk, and that's it. Then I rejoined back up with E at 2pm and went to a friends house. Chilled over there for a few hours, then finally went for Chinese food, which was worth it! At sunset, we hiked at Tennessee Valley trails. We almost got to the ocean, but decidedto turn back around since it was getting dark quick. After that, we chilled at my house and he stayed till almost midnight. And for those of you guys with crazy naughty minds, get your minds outta the gutter! We're just great buddy friends and that's all I want. Now that I've cleared that up, I must say that it was a great Friday!

The rest of the weekend was eventless. (Is that a word, or not?) Although I'm still hoping to chill a little bit with Kristi or E, but it's okay if they're busy and stuff. No problem. I guess I'll end it right here and get a few things done before the weekend wraps up soon.

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