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today's newz

*YAWN* I had the most excellent day today and my field trip to the SF State University was soooo damn awesome! I'm really glad I performed and went. Other chorus classes from other high schools performed and we all performed for each other, so it was really good! In my opinion, hearing others makes me think they're way better than our chorus class and that we REALLY suck! But we're just beginning, and we're starting to get good. So we don't really suck, and we'll eventually get up to their level. :-)

I just checked up to see what's up with Logan about a few minutes ago, and he went to sleep early. Ahh well... Hope all's well. Speaking of early sleep, I think I might hit the sack right about now since I'm beginning to doze off quickly as I'm writing this entry. Will tell you more stuff tomorrow...
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