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Weekend Catch-Up, World Issues, Misc. Stuff.

Hmm I guess it wouldn't hurt to update on what's going on with me lately.

My folks are better, not fighting at least. Apparently, they were upset not at each other, but about the War on Iraq and other stuff going on in the world as we speak. It makes me really angry, scared, sad, depressed and hopeless on what is going on. I guess all we gotta do is wait or leave for someplace for a while come back when things have mellowed out. But who knows what's gonna happen. Does anyone know how long this is gonna last?

Anyways, on to other things. I did my group presentation this morning for speech class, it came out alright. Took a singing/voice quiz yesterday and I felt like I didn't do very well, but we'll see. My folks don't want me to go anywhere tomorrow, not even to school because of what's currently going on right now. I dunno... Not sure if that's possible, since I got things due and I have to be in class for them. I don't like missing class. Still jobless and still looking for work.

Ran into an old buddy of mine online this afternoon, it was great to finally catch up with him after 3 years of not being in touch with him.

Ohh! I forgot to mention a little about my weekend. I was everywhere in the city Saturday & Sunday. Saturday, met up with Ernie and saw Only On Tuesdays in Pacifica. The place is so small and disappointing! We got there a minute or two late, and it's in a residential place, and they only played about 4 songs in a 10-20 minute time period. Honestly, the show could've been better but I still enjoyed them. After they were done, I got outta there quick and went to Daly City with Ernie. Got some munchies, walked around, then met up with Kristi sorta late into the night. Spent the night in SF with Kristi, and met back up with Ernie Sunday afternoon. Went to the College, then back down to Sausalito, and hung out & studied for a bit. We got some of it done, but we were not in the mood to study at all. So most of the time, we walked around, chatted, looked at things in little stores, etc. Kinda relaxing. Then I was back here at home on time for dinner. Good weekend, I tell ya.

Sorry for this post being long yet again. But I haven't posted as much as I usually have, like last year. Peace, love, and light to you all.
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