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Home Life Sucks Right Now

My folks are fighting again. Apparently, Suze got a phone call from work and she has to work today, which sucks. She's getting too much pressure from what she does plus my dad's extremely pissed off at her and her work. So they've been yelling at each other on and off. Just what I needed to wake up to. Great.

I have a bunch of shit to do today amd I can't be in an environment of people fighting and yelling. I won't talk to my dad until he's in a much better mood. I don't want him yelling at me for nothing, which has happened. It makes me more afraid of my dad, which I guess is not a good thing.

Sorry to ramble about it right now, but it just bothers me. This is one thing I cannot handle very well, and i don't know if I'll overcome this situation. I'm sure most of you guys have been in this situation before.

I'm gonna try and sneak outta the house early to go to the College. My dad's giving me another headache.
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