May 8th, 2002

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I'm sagging into Depression

I finally don't have any Economics homework to deal with, not till tomorrow anyway. Now all I have is a little bit of math and Poetry stuff for this week.

The Oasis is this week, but I'm unsure if I can afford it, or if my dad's gonna let me go. he wants me to go to some other boring event in San Rafael and hang out with him. I'd rather not. Dad's been rather moody since yesterday and I hope he snaps out of it. Seems like everyone I run into or know is going thru mood swings, even I am too. Right now, I feel like jumping out of my skin and starting over being the fresh, happy but mellow me that I'd like to be. I like hanging out in that spot of moods. I'm certainly not feeling that at the moment. Anyone wanna take me home and put me in my bed so I can sleep and forget? :-)

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This week and future worries

Phonathon is done! I raised $5 less than yesterday, but it's alright. At least I'll be getting some Best Buy tickets and get some CDs for myself. Dad looks like he's depressed, hope things are cool with us...

Right now, I'm thinking about Scott and our little brief sexuality discussion; the overall phonathon job; and what's going on this week. I'm also a little worried about our money situation at home, whether I find a decent paying job this week so I can save up for the Carnival coming up in a few weeks and an end of the year surprise.

Maybe I'll hit the sack early tonight. I got nothing to do and dad wants space... Laterz.
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