March 4th, 2002

new pic

Screw everything and everyone!

Everything that could have possibly gone wrong at school went wrong. I'm now having bad issues with Colin and Ana, and that's all I'll say about that. You figure out the rest, or ask me.

I haven't eaten all freaking day, which is worsening my mood. People better stay out of my way or I'll be flaming within seconds. Poetry class was horrible as well. There were two poems due today, and I specifically remembered my teacher saying that it was due today. So everyone in the class was lying by saying it was due Wednesday. ARGH, the seniors in my class are sooo stupid!! It wasn't fair to me that i worked my ass off to get the stuff done that was supposed to due today, and everyone says that it's not due today. So they get a break from the assignment. I'm sorry, but this is NOT FAIR!!!

I want to go home and smash my ukelele/guitar. I know it sounds harsh, but from the way people and friends have been treating me here at school today, it's put me in a real bitchy mood. I'll write later about my adventure in Tibu yesterday, but I have to get some shit done for tomorrow. SCREW SCHOOL, DAMMIT!
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