February 21st, 2002

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Work or no work?

I was gonna write in here last night, but was wiped out from the stupid day yesterday and went to bed early.

Working at the Orthodonist place is a huge torture! I personally cannot stand it, and I'm gonna find maybe a small book store close by, and see if they need help there. I know I may be picky at what job I'd like to do, but I am not going to out up with getting yelled at by coworkers due to forgetting difficult procedures. Yes, I have learning Disabilities, and I have learned that no matter what procedure or type of directions people tell me I have to do, I'm not gonna be able to know it/them the first time around. I realized that I have to see it and hear it several times, depending on the difficulty of the directions or procedure, and then I might be able to try them on my own, roughly. If it's filing papers away, it's easy and I know how to do that. But if it's as hard as knowing what to do with certain dentist equipment/instruments and where they all go, I'm never going to remember how to do it all the first or second time around.

I know this is a whole bunch of babble, but I can't stand people that are impatient and yell at you for almost no reason, when you're trying to do your best at something, and you forget stuff. So I'm gonna put up with this dump until I find something better, then quit. For this week, I'm barely making through the hours of trying to remember stuff at work and do them all and repeat it all within the next hour or two.

Today is the last day of this week that I'm working in this dump, from noon till 4pm. Not sure when I'm getting paid, but it better be this week. A little cash for groceries would be nice.

I've been feeling clogged up in the head, besides it being that time of month again for me. But my throat's been hurting for days, and it really makes it hard for me to eat and even drink something as simple as water. So all of this nonsense is making me extremely moody and impatient within myself. Guess that's not a good thing. So to wrap up this long, obnoxious entry, I'm gonna get ready for work and get ready to be tortured once more. Will write laterz.
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Too much stress

Well today at work was fine until the last 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave, things seemed to shatter right in front of me. People were yelling at me for not working fast enough, and that I was suppose to start another new project before I left, but I forgot and they didn't think about reminding me. So I got yelled at for that, plus other unneccesary stuff. So I'm working 3 hours a day, for 4 days, then getting paid, then hopfully I'll have found something else, and quit this place. I can't stand being yelled at!

I came home crying because of the built-up stress they have caused me. Luckily my dad was really nice enough to stick around, make me dinner and be there for me before he left for his usual Thrusday evening thing. So that completely cheered me up. Dad isn't back yet, so I'm hoping he'll get back pretty soon...

I got a free day tomorrow, so I'm gonna spend some time finding a better job, and getting little things done. I actually can't wait to go back to school and seeing my friends again. I miss CoRri and Colin so much, it's unbelievable. But I'll see them soon, so it'll all be good.

Going to bedders, so night night.
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