February 3rd, 2002

new pic

Discovered Picture!!

Ok, I just have to post this because in this picture at the Oasis (which I don't know when it was), I looked like I really knew it all! Anyway, from left to right: Kelsey, me, Kelsey, and Blaine!!

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    Incubus - Nice to Know You
new pic

Awesome song!

"But let me tell you 'bout
One thing, I know,
Everybody's got a seed to sow
Let your heart of hearts take you down the rooaad,
Everybody's got a seed to sow!"

I've had this lovely Chorus song stuck in my head ever since I got up this morning, which was about an hour ago. I wish there was a way to cure it... *Joins in with CoRri, Colin, and J-link.* :-)
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    Seed to Sow (Chorus version)
new pic


I'm studying for my econ test and worrying about my stupid solo ensemble thing. I'm supposed to be doing something with Colin (I think), but I should call him just to make sure the plans are still on as they are. Otherwise I'm screwed for tomorrow and Wednesday!!
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    Switchfoot - Economy of Mercy