January 31st, 2002

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Good Stuff, buddy!

Yesterday after school was Great!! I hung out with Alec, Natalie, hayden, Noelle and kate. Noelle and Kate left early for their own plans but I mainly hung out with the rest till about 6-6:30pm. There was a play I wanted to go to at Tam, but they started late and ended late. So I decided to walk into the beautifulness of the nightsky, crossing the middleschool basketball court with the world to myself and letting myself be fully free from worries at home. Later, I wanted to catch a bus home and be home by 7-7:30ish; I was getting kinda homesick at that point...

So i walked to a gas station, got water, walked towards a busstop and one of the busses I needed to catch wizzed right by me!So that kinda got me pissed. So I walked to the next busstop to waste more time, and another bus wizzed by me. Except that bus was going towards 101, so that wouldn't have helped me much. As i arrived at the second busstop, I sit and wait, and listen to O.O.T. till the batteries slowly died. Then I called my dad, informed him I'd be home in about 5-10 minutes when he kept on asking and convincing me to wait and catch a ride with him. I told him to not bother, since I'd be home soon... So ya whatever. he left for Whole Foods, and I got home by 7:30pm and crashed for most of the night after dinner.

Woke up at 2:30am and have been up since then, so now I'm hella tired! I'll just take the 7:30am bus to school and barely make it to class on time, like yesterday. I'm bringing my Ukelele with me; maybe I'll stay awake for playing laterz.
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