January 20th, 2002

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QaF Stuff

I just finished watching QaF, which was a good episode. The only two things that were and are still bothering me is when I was trying to watch it, the cable went out a few times on the best parts and I missed then, ARGH! Now, I'm trying to get into their website so i can chat online LIVE with Randy Harrison (playing Justin), it's not letting me in... Another ARGH! I guess I just have no patience today, haven't had any patience all weekend. There goes my opportunity to do something great...

Oh well. Back to reading Calvin and Hobbes books, I suppose.
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More complaining from me....

I need to get away from my house for a week, to be away from my dad. Our relationship is getting worse by the days and our bitterness to each other isn't helping. Not sure where I'd like to go for a week and still get to school... I wish there was someone I could stay with for a week that lives nearby, but who knows... I wanna be free, have fun and still be able to attend school. But I doubt anything like that is ever going to happen to me soon.

On a happier news, I managed to get into the QaF website 15 minutes after my last post, and chatted with Randy for a bit. He's a great guy!

Going back to reading Calvin & Hobbes... Laterz.
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