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Friday, January 18th, 2002
6:54a - Good and Worst
Yesterday was a good day. Nice & mellow, and even got some stuff done. Last night was nice and peaceful without dad around for a few hours, so i was more able to re-center myself. I napped to 2 hours. Then got up, made me some tea, and chatted with Adamant for a while till about 11:30pm.

After I stopped chatting with him, I checked my LJ Friends to find out from Kammi's entry about Billiam's death. His name sounded familiar, and so did his face. I don't know when I first saw him, but I feel bad for not knowing him at all and not adding him to my Friends' List. So Billiam: Rest In Peace my friend. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

current mood: depressed

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4:11p - What is this? Lying time???
Ah that's just great! I'm not even sure if I can believe some of the posts I've been reading about Billiam from other LJers. Even though it has nothing to do with me, it hurts to be reading different things about him, like "He's fake" or "He was a fictional character and died". If that makes sense. At this point, I need to back away from LJ for a while. This is becoming too much for me to stand. So I'm going to the Oasis to Moshpit the anger outta me.

current mood: upset and confused

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