November 28th, 2001

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After school thoughts

Man it's raining here hella hard tonight! After school, Suzanne invited me over to her house to hang out with her for a bit; so I did that. :-) At that point, it was starting to rain and she decided to loan me one of her best rain coats ever, if I'm gonna be in the rain. so Suzanne and I walked from her house to one of the parks close to the middle school, and hung out there for a few minutes; then she walked with me to the middle school where she was going to meet up with someone else for a school project that's due tomorrow.

So Suzanne and I split after that, and I walked alone in the hard, cold rain to a nearby busstop, and waited for about 15 minutes for a bus to come. Finally, it showed up, and it was dark outside and raining harder than ever. Traffic was terrible all around town, and I only had about a half mile to go till I was home. But I was stuck on the bus for 20 more minutes, then I was finally home!

From my pants and below, I was heavily drenched. So I cleaned up, changed, and snoozed on the couch for an hour till dinner was ready, and a few more hours after dinner. So here I am now finally awake, warm, and drinking warm tea for the night.

I have so much homework to do within the next week or two, it's not even funny! As much as I hate having to do homework here at home, I think i'll take the time and do a little bit of it tonight and hopefully not stay up to late like last night. Didn't get to bed till 2:30am last night catching up on old homework that'll be useful for next week. Dread!

Oops, I'm babbling too much now. Anyway, I had a good day at school overall; didn't get much accomplished, but it was still good. Maybe I'll write more laterz. That is if LJ cooperates for the rest of the night. :-)
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