November 22nd, 2001

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone around the world!

I just woke up from an amzing accidental dream of my first kiss with a girl. Not gonna say who it is, but I'll just say it was someone from school... Kinda weird in that sense, but ahwell. Going back further in the dream, my parents and I were travelling someplace and ended up in a wonderful huge playground with many different rides and everything for kids and adults as well. Apparently everyone from school and their parents ended up in this weird place with us as well. Each family had their own little trailor to stay in for the weekend. I guess this place was runned by a few women, who were in charge of opening and closing this huge playground, etc. More families were showing and the last family set that showed up and went on the swings was Simon DZ's family. a few minutes later, they dissapeared and everyone was dismissed to go home (I think). Other stuff happened, but I can't remember what they are at the moment. Will write more alterz if I'm absolutely bored.
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