November 6th, 2001

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lock/anthrax crap!

Alright, I've had it! Today has been a farely shitty day! Some dumb ass at school super-glued my lock going to my locker, making it so I can't turn the dial on the damn lock. So I had to get it cut off and take everything out of my locker. So now I currently have no locker and I have way too much shit! This has been the second time it's happened to me and I hope that whoever did this will be suspended or expelled from school. I'm getting sick of being the target for dumb ass guys to mess with all the time. Two years ago was when I was first targeted that had to do with the lock that I was borrowing from my dad. I haven't fessed up to him yet about it, but I know that he'd be pissed and probably take me out of this school. Whatever, I'm not gonna talk about it anymore or dwell on it, because it's a waste of time.

Some other crappy thing happened at school as well. Lunch was almost over and I was socializing with a few new friends. The bell rang 10 minutes late because of some anthrax scare that happened in the school office. So we all went to class, then the Principal announced for us to go close to the gym for a very important announcement. I couldn't inderstand anything that he said, but all I know is that we got out of school early and there might not be school tomorrow, because of this anthrax scare. If you wanna know more about it, check it out at

I don't understand why bad crap seems to be happening only on Tuesdays. This happened, the 9/11 thing happened on a Tuesday, and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting about. Anyway, enough of the news. I'll update laterz...
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