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Wednesday, October 10th, 2001
7:13a - Early Morning
~*YAWN*~ I just got to school and walked all the way from my house to here, which is quite a ways away. Anways, I'm here early because I have to get a bunch of stuff done before tomorrow, actually before 2pm today. So I better get to it! Will update more laterz...

current mood: busy

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10:22p - Short Entry tonight
I would take a good amount of time to write in here tonight, but I don't have time, because I'm cluddered up with homework from all of my hard classes and they're all due tomorrow. So i need to get to it. I did have a good day though. my government teacher pissed me off yeatserday and today, but I will explain that tomorrow, when I have more time. Laterz.

current mood: busy

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