September 8th, 2001

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Still up and not tired.

Yesterday was overall a good Friday. Went home early after lunch and napped out for 3 hours straight. I was worn out from working so hard on homework and getting it done. Nothing much to mention that I can remember.

I talked to Ariel Thursday night and she told me she's doing ok except she ODed Sunday night and was rushed to the Hospital and rescued, thank goodness. She's doing ok now. I'm especially glad to have her as a wonderful friend and even more than that, because we can talk about anything, and I feel like I'm attracted to her again. But I don't think we're getting back together, dunno why. I wish we were, but I think she sorta has a b/f... Ah well, it's all good though.

I should go to bed soon. Gotta work later from 11:30am to 8:30pm. Much love to all LJ Friends and more friends too! Laterzzzz.... :-)
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I'm going to bed as of now. I'm tired and have a full day ahead of me. Laterz. :-)
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Current Thoughts on job.

I managed to get myself up about an hour or so ago, and I'm proud of it too. :-) I'm just gonna finish up my breakfast and slowly get ready for work. I need to write a 2-week notice to my boss telling him I'm quitting. Plus there'll be a strike (I think) in a week or two, so i wanna get outta there before that happens.

Not much to babble about this morning. Hope everyone's having a great day so far. :-)
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