April 24th, 2001

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I'm up and about...

I'm up bright and early, gotta leave my place pretty soon for school... Hopefully it isn't too damn cold out to walk.

Anyway, not much to say this morning. Hope everyone has a fine fantastic day!
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new pic

Today's news

Today was an okay day, not bad or anything... Just another day at school... It was so beautiful out, and a little warmer than usual. But it was still nice.

I saw Simon DZ and Blaine today in geometry class. It's kinda funny - I was talking to Blaine about all kinds of stuff more than I was talking to Simon, but it's cool.

Tomorrow I don't have to go to Driver's Ed, YAY! My teacher has to attend to a meeting after school and there's no one to sub in for her. So she cancelled it for tomorrow, which is completely fine with me! I get to go home early and do whatever I want/need! YEAH!!!

Anyway I have hw and more crap I need to take care of. I might write more later, who knows... Till then, peace out!
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