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Sunday, March 11th, 2001
I've been up for about an hour now, and I have to go to work in a half hour from now. Damn, I don't want to! I still have things I need to do before tomorrow. I haven't done anything hw wise and I REALLY need to get those two essays done today! math hw's last on my list because it's not that important and I can always do that tomorrow when i get to school.

Time to get ready and buzz outta here... Missing Simon and Mike.

current mood: okay

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9:06a - Simon dream again
One more thing before I go: Speaking of Simon, I had a weird dream about him this morning where he was at our local middle school chasing a few younger girls... Kinda strange.

Ok NOW I'm going... Laterz.

current mood: okay

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I just got done writing my history essay, YAY! It's really long too, but it was actually easy to do. I still have one more essay to do, and it's more difficult. DAMN how am I going to do this tonight? I'm getting sleepy at this point!

Maybe I'll rest for at least four hours, then get up extra early, and work on it in the morning before I leave. I don't know, SOMETHING anyway. I need a short break, and another cup of nice hot english breakfast tea. I hate Sundays and I wish it was Saturday night, or even Friday night!! ARGH! Well good night y'all!

current mood: tired

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