February 19th, 2001

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Worked my stupid shift yesterday (Sunday) which was 9-6pm. Not a bad shift, just a dumb crazy day, ya know.

Mike came by last night to talk to me about something I'm not gonna mention here, confidential stuff... Sorry guys! Let's just say he was a little upset and needed to talk to me. :-)

I have a day off from school today and I think I might use it wisely for HOMEWORK! As much as I hate it, I'll be happy later for it. Kelly spent the weekend at her uncle's place and she's coming back sometime today. I called her last night and she said she wasn't coming home last night which majorly bummed me out, but it's ok. I know I'll see her again soon. :-)

I guess I should get sleep since it's about 3am, and I just woke up from falling asleep for a few hours in the living room. *STRETCH & YAWN* see ya laterz.
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Ok, got up exactly at 9:15am this morning and screwed around for a bit. Downloaded a few more Barenaked Ladies songs on here, then copied them on a cassette tape. Call me wierd or crazy if you want, but I ran the batteries down slightly and recorded a few songs with them low. To me, it sounds pretty cool. Just trying to find out how to link them here... Not sure how to do it but I'll find out sooner or later...

ANYWAY I haven't done hw yet so after I do all this crappola, I'll get to that and get it done. Haven't talked to Kelly yet today but hoping she'll call me today and say she's coming over. BUT I shouldn't get my hopes up just in case.

At the moment, I'm watching logan and having left-over pizza from two days ago. Still good!! Well back to my thing...
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more of today...

Tried all damn day to find out a way to the mp3s I made into my entry, but have NO FUCKING IDEA how to do it!!! First of all, I had troubleshoots of getting them from .wav files to .mp3 files, which took me almost two hours to complete! Why that long? Well because I ran into stupid problems that made things even more complicated, and finding other ways to go around the problems... Sounds a bit complicated, but managed. Talk about extreme frustration, hehe! Anyway after I got them into mp3s, I tried to upload them to my website so I could link them from the site, and didn't work. Came up with an error saying "Invalid name". Now what the fuck's that suppose to mean, hmm?!? After a total of three hours of dealing with this crap, I gave up. Maybe there's a much simpler way of doing this that I don't know about or something, but I'm not going to deal with it until I find out another solution to my problem or get help from some expert that knows this crap... Anyway, enough on that... :-)

Took a fresh shower this afternoon to clear out the frustration outta me and it helped! Now I'm doing a little bit of hw and waiting for dinner to be ready, I'm starving! :-) More stuff to come later.
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