February 9th, 2001

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this morning

Got up this morning at about 6am which is a little later than I wanted to get up for school, but oh well. The weahter here's really crappy and rainy and gloomy outside right now.

This morning when I got to school, I had absolutely nothing to do that I decided to clean out my backpack and my locker. I'm pretty happy I did that, cuz now it's all nice and organized. :-) I hate it when I have dirty shit that I have to look at every day, it drives me in sane! Then I went into the computer lab to do a few simple things before my first class of the day. I wasgetting these stupid, obscene messages about some idiot being god and other useless crap that was irritating! I knew who the hell it was too, and he was pissing me off from the start. Unfortunately he was in my first class too! ARGH! So I tried to ignore the messages and left and went to class. Then I saw him again coming to class. And he came up to me and started talking shit about me being careless and that my dad's gonna die soon if I don't care about him or something stupid like that. I was like," yeah whatever, leave me alone right now!" he finally did. :-) The rest of my morning has been good so far. YEAH TGIF!!!

I apparently have some shit to do this tutorial like finish the damn math quiz from yesterday, which I think is about it. I try to write more next period, if possible. See ya all laterz...
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updating today

It's now the last period of the day and I finally finshed my geometry quiz. YIPPIE!! Now I have a free period to do whatever I want. :-)

Wow, I can't think of anything important to say in here right now, hmmm.... Maybe I'll work on my website till class is over. Then I'll go get lunch and go home. I'm not even sure if I'm gonna want to meet up with Mike today. Not that I don't wanna see him, but I'll probably just want the whole afternoon to myself as usual to nap out or whatever.

I guess while I'm here I should email D & T. :-) I've kinda forgotten about them, sorry guys! Anyway, see ya laterz. Peace out!
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rest of day

Got home from school, checked email, chatted for a bit, then napped out for a half hour or so... I've been lazy all afternoon and didn't do anything special or exciting. But a few minutes ago, I did mess with my site a little bit and fixed a few dumb things here and there. And no, I haven't gotten a new Guestbook yet or anything. Will try to get that soon for ya.

Damn my batteries in my walkman just died on me... :-( A-l-l I -w-a-n-n-a d-o i-s h-a-v-e s-o-m-e f-u-u-n.... Yep, time to change them right now.

Talked to Mike on the phone and he seems to be a bit burned out too from the week and other stuff, which is fine with me. I wasn't quite in the mood to hang out with him this afternoon just because I'm a bit burned out too and didn't really feel like socializing personally with anyone.

*YAWN* Well I'm off to either nap out some more (hehe I know I'm lazy) or watch the news. See ya all laterz. ;-)
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