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It's MY LIFE!!!!

I'm ready to just walk outta the house right now. My dad's upsetting me so much that I'm considering on moving out if he EVER treats Suze like crap or even yells at her. I WON'T tolerate it! Reminds me too damn much of my early childhood when my parents would fight every night, and all night! They'd scream at each other where I would be sweating and breaking out bad in my bed and not move. It's no fucking wonder my dad can turn into a nightmare. My mom's right. I find it so hard to believe that my dad could still be like this, no matter who it's towards.

If I ever plan on running away, I'm gonna need a safe palce to go to, where I can be happy. I'm sick of being miserable, stressed, worried about my back being watched, etc. Just fucking RELEASE ME!!!!!
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