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Folks, Other Small Rambles

I think my folks aren't getting along right now. They've been acting weird and negative around me, i just don't understand it. My dad seems so short tempered with me and Suze, I wish he could be a little bit happy, even if things aren't going too well now. But I guess that's hard to do, so i'll stay outta the way.

Missing Ray more and more these days. I really wish I had the money and guts to leave the house right now and go see him. But he's too far away. Ah well.

I filed for Unemployment online this afternoon. We'll see how it goes.

Tonight is the first night this week of no homework. I've forgotten how it felt like to not have homework.

I keep on having strange dreams about seeing Only On Tuesdays play out in strange places, I dunno why.

I wanna give a happy, warm shout out to Molly & Mindy just because they are really cool peeps. I dunno if they read this still or at all, but I hope everything continues to go extremely great for you two! :-)
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