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Tonight thoughts & events

I went to the Oasis tonight. Saw Only On Tuesdays, Hw2Nw, Mitts, and some other bands that I'm forgetting. Of course, OOT totally rocked my socks. In the end, Colin rocked out more and belted and was all over the stage! Great to see him let loose again. When they got there, they gave me a free CD of theirs, since they told me that I helped out and did so much for them, and I was honored. That just totally made my night.

Saw Jordan, his bro, and Hailey tonight. I also ran into a bunch of people from Tam and they were surprised to see me. I guess Alex A was gonna come to the Oasis, but for whatever reason that I'm not mentioning here, he didn't make it. Fine with me. I don't wanna talk about him right now, or else I'm just ramble endlessly about it and it won't make sense. So I won't go there.

Tonight I heard/saw a car accident just a few yards away from the place. A car with 3 young, teenage people in it had a front left tire randomly detach off of the car and hit another car that was parked beside it. Then everyone runs out of the car unharmed, and the young girl that was driving ran frantically back to the car and fainted. Pretty messed up stuff, but that sorta put a shot to my night. For anyone that saw me there tonight and knows about that accident, I appologize for freaking out as badly as i did. It's just that I've never seen anything like that before, and it makes me more scared to drive. Ah well.

I'm too lazy to write any more stuff, and being absorbed into the Doobie Brothers stuff so I'm gonna jet.
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