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Sleep & Last Night, Cell Phone Problems, etc

Man, my folks are out like a light tonight! They don't usually go to sleep this early in the night. They usually go to bed at around 2 or 3am, which is not good either. I got my nap in this afternoon for 3 hours. So I'm set for the night. I stayed up real late to write two papers that were due this morning. Normally I would have done this a day ahead of time, except I had no understanding of what I was supposed to do or write about. I've never had a huge amount of big things due in one class day. I guess that's college for ya.

While I was napping out for a bit, my cell phone voicemail notificator went off, which woke me up. So I went to check it and see who called me. While trying to check it, somehow it had deleted the new message that I hadn't checked to listen to yet, which really pissed me off. So i had no idea who in the world called me. I figured it could've been my dad. Nope, not him. Tried calling Ry, couldn't reach him. In fact, I haven't talked to him since last Monday. So I thought, maybe it was this stalker that found my number that Ry was supposed to get from me. Long story behind it, but it wasn't him. Although, the stalker called me minutes later and voicemailed me. So before dinner, i called Ray to say hi and catch up with him for a bit. It turned out that he was the one that tried to call me and voicemailed me, which deleted off of my phone for no reason. Anyways, I'm thinking and hoping to get a replacable cell phone for this one, since my phone seems to not ring anymore.

Ok, I've said my share. More laterz.
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