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Yesterday, Food, Dreams, Day Off

Well I went to the Peace March in SF yesterday. Not bad, it was actually fun to see tons of people supporting this issue, and finding out later that tons of other people around the world are against the war as well.

This part is going to sound stupid, so feel free to skip this part, if you wish...
I've to realization that I only like Apricot Jam on toast. I used to like Apricot jam when I was a kid, didn't like it when I was growing up, and now I like it again. I only like a third of the fruit that exist, I dunno why. Suze is trying to make me eat more fruit that I don't like, but I refuse. i'll only eat what I like, and what is healthy for me. And you probably ask, why is she talking about food.. It's just because I'm having toast with Apricot jam on it, really delicious.

Had a dream this morning that Ray called me and asked me to go see a movie with him in Santa Rosa. Of course, I woke up before it happened, but oh well. Speaking of dreams, I've been having strange dreams lately about all the places I used to live in, and going back to almost every one of them, and having something bad happen as soon as I arrive. Not cool.

I have a day off from singing voice class today. Might as well use this day to get stuff done.
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