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Not My Weekend

I've forgotten what I wrote in my last entry, but I don't think I'll be able to see Ray, since he's busy. I was supposed to go to a Reggae gig last night, but it rained out. Now my stupid folks are making me go with them to the SF Peace March. It's not that I don't support it, I've been supporting this all the way for a long time. It's just that today's the wrong day for me to do it, and I need time to myself, away from my folks. They're driving me NUTS! I need headspace from events, and i have other stuff I need to take care of instead of tagging along with them all day. Call me lame if you want, but I'm just sick of being asked to do lots of outing things with them, when I'd rather be home relaxing or hanging out with other friends.

I better shut up now before I write ten more pages of me complaining of nonsense crap on here.
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