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Went to bed last night at about 12:30, even though I wanted to get to bed a little earlier than that. But I still got up this morning at about a quarter to 6am which is good.

I chatted with Ariel last night and it was just a low-key coversation all night. It went like this:

Ariel 2/27/200 10:12 PM hi
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:13 PM hey there Ariel girl! *huge hugs and kisses*
Ariel 2/27/200 10:13 PM hey *huge huge hugs n kisses*
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:14 PM how are you?
Ariel 2/27/200 10:15 PM fine n u?
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:17 PM ok I guess... Actually no I'm not ok... I got
my stupid period and real bad cramps which is
making me a little grumpy... :-(
Ariel 2/27/200 10:18 PM ah..sorry that must suck
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:19 PM hehe yeah it sure does, but I'm just taking it
easy for tonight... How was your day today?
Ariel 2/27/200 10:19 PM eh alrite i guess..
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:20 PM you sound like you're down or tired or
something... is everything ok? *puts my arm
around you*
Ariel 2/27/200 10:21 PM i gues...
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:23 PM ok cool. ;-)
Ariel 2/27/200 10:24 PM yup..
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:27 PM I guess my day was good, same ol same ol
Ariel 2/27/200 10:28 PM cool..
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:29 PM yeppers. :-)
Ariel 2/27/200 10:29 PM =)
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:30 PM so whatcha up to sweety?
Ariel 2/27/200 10:30 PM nothing...bout ready to go watch a movie u?
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:31 PM cool! nothing much here, being bored and
surfing the net and stuff...

OH yeah - just out of curiosity, did you get
your cam to work or anything?
Ariel 2/27/200 10:32 PM yeah but my friend is using it for a couple
das..he came by..but i'll get it back n than
set it up here k =) (he knew how to do it so
thats why he has it)
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:33 PM that's cool. :-)
Ariel 2/27/200 10:33 PM yup
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:34 PM *yawns and kisses you lightly*
Ariel 2/27/200 10:35 PM *kissesback* i'm gonna go lie down n watch my
movie k hun *huge huge hugs n kisses*
Mollygirl 2/27/200 10:36 PM alrighty. I love you lots! *huge hugs and
kisses* have a good night if I don't catch you
later. :-)

Later on in the night:

Ariel 2/28/200 12:14 AM hey i really want to talk but i need to go
somwhere...but i'll be back..

wil you be on in say a hour?
Mollygirl 2/28/200 12:17 AM umm i'm actually not sure because i might be
going to bed soon, but if I'm still up then
you can buzz me.
Ariel 2/28/200 12:18 AM oh...ok...nevermind than...

sleep tihgt...n i guess i'll talk to you some
other time (dont call tonite) just letting you
kno cuz i'm family is sick...

nite i guess..
Mollygirl 2/28/200 12:20 AM awww sorry about that. But i do want to talk
to you tonight, if you want to and i'll be up
if i can i hope!
Mollygirl 2/28/200 12:23 AM I love you!
Ariel 2/28/200 12:25 AM be ba in 35min if your on talk to you tahn..f
not love you too..
Mollygirl 2/28/200 12:26 AM alrighty, see ya *hugs & kisses*

Then I dozed off to sleep and never got to chat with her again after that... Dunno what she wanted to talk about really, but hoping things are better for her today.

Well gotta take off to school and get ready for today's event. Hi to justblink, joshers, logan, britannica3, mjtaylor, matic, and the rest of you cool peeps. :-) Have a great day!

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