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Gig Rambles, Good Movie, And Good Dream

I'm not really happy with my folks at the moment. They're not letting me go to see On Lisa this Friday at the Phoenix, since they think that it's not worth seeing them if it's their last gig and breaking up. I persoanlly think that their reasons are horrible. Plus they want me to go see a Reggae band that i've already seen once, and I'm sure that they'll have a few more gigs nearby. But I'm forced to go to it now for other reasons that I can't say in here. Long, complicated story, but I'm stuck with it.

Last night I watched Sleeper with the folks. VERY FUNNY movie!!! My side ached after almost 2 hours of nonstop laughing, it was great.

Had an intersting dream about Ray, my mom, and his sorta ex-gf. Will post that one later. I gotta jet to my Singing Voice class.
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