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Night, Still No Cell, Last Night, Work Rambles

I think i've been sleeping more lately in the daytime. Doesn't seem right, but I need it. I've come to realize that I'm a night person, not a morning person like I used to be, years ago. I like taking walks at night, looking up at the stars with someone special, and feeling completely free and happy. It'd be nice to do that more often.

My cell phone won't be back on the air till tomorrow or sometime next week, since we're all strapped, money wise till tomorrow, I guess. I'm sure that Ray, MN, CW, and possibly other people have been trying to reach me. This sucks, but I'll deal for a while.

In other exciting news, last night I saw Part 1 of the Solo Ensemble Concert from Tam High peeps. It was awesome, and I'm sure the next one is gonna be more awesome too! Can't wait to see the rest of the familiar musicians.

Suze and I talked late last night. I won't be working for Whole Foods Market, which is fine with me. Someome else got hired and put me in the bag. It's ok, because I wouldn't mind collecting unemployment for a while and focus on school work and have more time to socialize with people. I'm tired of being overly stressed all the time, and I need a break from it all..

I need to find my Tax stuff that I got with one of my work checks. I won't get money back if I don't find it and deal with it. Last time I saw it, it was sorta with me on my get-away weekend with MN and Ray. But I also remember putting it someplace when I came home. So I dunno.

Dad just drove up, so I'm gonna take off.
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