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No Cell Phone, Long Weekend, Work News, etc..

I just looked at my LJ calendar to see how often I've posted so far this year. Haven't posted much, which isn't good. Anyways, getting to it...

Last night, my cell phone got turned off right when I was in the middle of talking to CW. ARGH I hate Sprint! I'm sure a few people were trying to call me, even at 10pm. Mind you, I still stay up real late and rise early or late, depending on my schedule. I'm sure my cell phone will be turned back on sometime today, if nothing else.

Tonight, I'm going to see the Tam High musicians do their solo ensemble stuff. Part 2 of it is happening next Wednesday, if I'm not mistaken. So that should be awesome.

I'm still not working, but I'm supposed to get interviewed at Whole Foods tomorrow afternoon. So we'll see how it goes.

Friday night, I went to Berkeley to see some Reggae musicians play; it was the most awesome place i've been to. I got pulled up to the main stage and danced with the musicians, pretty awesome stuff. This coming Friday and Saturday, I've been invited to see the Wailers in SF. Can't wait to see them.

Saturday was intersting. I went with my folks to their drive around Novato and Petaluma. Went to a cheese factory, and hung out at a small park. After that, I drove a VW manual for the first time. I hate admitting it, since I'm starting so late. But it's a good experience for me. After that, I met up with Kelly and we chilled at the Phoenix. Saw Only On Tuesdays, which always rocked my boat. The Drive Home, Desa, Diary, and Locale AM played as well. We had to split early to catch the last bus going south, so we missed part of Locale AM's show. Kelly slept over here and life was good at 3am.

Sunday, we both rised late and lazed around the house for most of the afternoon. We finally went to Old Mill Park, got bored with it after 20 minutes (since there was barely anyone there), and split for home. Then Kelly split from my house afterwards.

So, not a bad weekend really. Just a load of things happening all in one weekend.

Ray has been sick (stomach flu or soemthing) for the last week or so. Haven't talked to him since Monday night, so hopefully he's better.

Yesterday I shopped in Berkeley, walked around with the folks and hung out at a park for a while. Nice day to have fun. :-)

Now that I've totally filled up your page of long rambles, I'm gonna leave, since I got a little bit of studying to do for my classes. I think I've said this a few times, but I really need to get back to writing in here again. Ever since my computer freaked out around Christmas, I've sorta forgotten to post in here.
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