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Someone Just Kidnap Me NOW!

I really wanna fucking run away from this house. My dad's fucking scaring the living shit outta me. He's pissed about his website and other shit, and almost broke his computer keyboard about 10 minutes ago. His attitude towards things have gotten ten million times worse than yesterday and any time, really. I remember the last time I saw him THIS pissed was when I was a kid and my parents were fighting every single day, and he'd yell his lungs out and stammer out the door, leaving me in tears, which made things worse.

i want to give up school, work, and everything and get away. Get closer to Ray and have things be okay. I still have no hope for a good future right now, and I'm being forced to apply at Whole Foods Floral, and I'd rather just go under unemployment for a while, and get work in August. But I'm just that plan will never happen.

I appologize for this entry being so sappy and horrible, but i'm even more trapped in this house than I was before, and I have no way out at the moment. I'm not even sure if I can leave Saturday night to see Only On Tuesdays in Petaluma. Maybe I need some serious help. I dunno, I think I'm going insane.

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