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Early Weekend Part 1

I'm at MN's place and about to have breakfast.

Last night was fucking awesome in Lafayette. Only On Tuesdays completely rocked the house and the crowd wasn't moving much at all, which was kinda sad. Angie and I were the only people that were rocking it up front. I think Colin's getting better in hitting the higher notes in a few of his newer songs. He kinda blew me away that he could do it. :-) The Matches rocked as well and they played last. Apparently they played so loud that MN could hear them across two parking lots, which is crazy, and he and his wife were sitting in the car waiting for me.

After the whole show was over, I came back to the city, had dinner, and "chillaxed" till midnight. Fell asleep to the TV and woke up at about 1:30am fighting with the TV and trying to turn it off along with the cable. It was kinda funny. Woke up this morning at almost 9am, called CW and he's coming over for Breakfast. So it's all good.

The SuperCross show is on TV at moment and I'm gonna go occupy myself with that for now... Laterz.

PS: This keyboard is old and funky, so I appologize ahead of time if there's a funny word in here.

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