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stupid little things

Sometimes I get really pissed off and irritated over stupid dumb things I shouldn't be irritated about. Like:

1. My cat running under my bed when she KNOWS she isn't supposed to.
2. Unable to get a hold of Kelly or Ariel.
3. My period tonight. (sorry folks, had to say it though)
4. Netscape not working right.
5. Having my nap interrupted over a useless phone call.

There's probably other shit I could add to that, but I can't remember. I guess I'm mainly stressing out over what's going to happen tomorrow. I have a field trip with my music class, and we're all going to the SF State University to perform a few tunes in front of other high schoolers and listen to them perform for us. It probably won't be that bad, but I just want to do well tomorrow, and get our part over with. It'll probably be fun as well.

I'm bored and no one's online, on ICQ, which kinda sucks... Wouldn't mind chatting with someone for a bit anyway. Laterz I guess...

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