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Current Past, Present, & Current Future Stuff

This past weekend was okay. Nothing special, really. I managed to get out of the house Friday night and chill with MN & CW till 1am. Fun stuff.

Saturday was mellow for the most part except for an hour or two before noon of hurrying for my folks to make a peace sign for the March and for them to jet before 2pm. Other than that, i kicked back here at home as usual, not doing much of anything. That night, the folks and I watched Chocolat. Great movie! Even though I don't like chocolate or anything that's got chocolate in the food, the movie itself made me hungry the whole time.

Sunday (yesterday) was kinda crazy on and off. The folks were busy cleaning the house while I had to gather laudry up, tear my bed apart, run an errand that didn't get accomplished. But it's getting done today instead, so it's fine. QQ came over for dinner, chilled and played music with my dad for an hour or two. Then he split at about midnight. Put my bed and new sheets in real late and didn't get to sleep till 2:30am. It was crazy.

Worked this morning, and didn't see MN. I guess he's sick or something. I was cold all morning, and just getting warm now. I've forgotten how cold it could possibly get here in the bay area. But it's okay.

Tomorrow I'm starting my new speech class. I'm kinda nervous but it'll be okay, I suppose. I just gotta remember to get plenty of sleep tonight. My fingers hurt from doing a copper wire coil for a project that my dad is doing.

Will try to write more when I'm not so busy. Much love to y'all.
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