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Leading New Life Here

I had such an awesome time on Sunday with Ray. went to Santa Rosa, met up with him and we walked around in a couple of malls and looked at miscellaneous stuff and ate McDonalds stuff an hour or so later. After that, we spent a couple of hours to ourselves being with each other till about 6pm. Great times! Drove around in Healdsburg, screwed around, and drove around some more. :-)

Work has been okay. Laurie has been real sick, so I've been sorta taking over for her when I could.

Ray and I have made plans to meet up next weekend and get a motel together for one night. So I've decided to leave home next Friday night, go see Only On Tuesdays, then spend the night in SF. Then I'm gonna go to Santa Rosa, meet up with Ray and chill with him till Sunday, then come home Sunday night. So I'm hoping this will work out since I never really try to escape home on the weekends ever. But it'll be a test for me to see how well I can get my shit together to do it all and have it come out right for that weekend.

Waiting for CW and MN to call me tonight. Really need to talk to them. I had woken up this afternoon from a bad dream that involved them plus MD and my folks. Not good. Will talk about it laterz.

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