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Gotta Have Fun!!

YAY I get to see Ray tomorrow!! ;-) Ahh I love him...

I was supposed to be home alone for 5 days including this weekend. The folks were gonna take a roadtrip to Nevada/Arizona from here. But money screwed things up and they couldn't go. So my weekend's sorta ruined. Things will get better by tomorrow, hopefully. I'm gonna go to Santa Rosa and chill with Ray for a bit.

Work has sucked and I don't want to get into it at the moment.

I miss CW too, although I've talked to him a few times today and hung out with him and another co-worker last night. That was a blast within itself! :-) But I miss Ray more than anything at the moment...

Well I got company over right now, and we're gpnna go eat out at a pasta place. Then come back here afterwards and we're gonna play with each other's hair. So That should be pretty awesome!

Will catch up with y'all tomorrow or Monday, hopefully. Latazz
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