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Too Long!

My computer and internet crap has been screwy for the last couple of weeks, which is why I haven't updated. So, sorry about that.

I went to mom's house from Christmas day till New Years Eve. it was overall a blast, cuz I finally got to see my one and only best friend (Ray) that i hadn't seen in a couple of years. His house (cabin, rather) across the creek is just plain paradise and beautiful! Spent the night over there 2 out of the 6 nights I was at mom's place. So that was mucho fun!

My dad's girlfriend has moved into the house here a week or two ago. I'm not use to this situation at all, but I feel that it'll get better later. Later on down the road, I guess we might move to another part of the city, not too far. I don't know when it's happening or if it's a definite thing. I just know that they were talking about it.

So the folks will hopefully be gone from this Friday till next Tuesday or something on a roadtrip. So Ray will probably come down here for a couple of days and hang out, sleep, etc. OMG that'll be awesome!! I actually can't wait!

I'm over Alex, and we're good friends now. I talked to him Sunday and saw him yesterday. We went hiking for an hour with his folks, which was nice for a bit. Most of the time, we talked and chilled and caught up on things.

I'll try to update more again, but what's been holding me up for the past couple of weeks is that the ram in my computer probably needs to be changed or updated or something. The chip I have in there right now is small and was fucking things up and slowing my computer down. But as of last night, I went online, checked email and all of a sudden, all of the pages I had up worked and everything was running fast and smoothly! That totally made my day... Now I can be a freak online again at least until I get my Ram dealt with.

I miss Ray lots!

I gotta jet to work, I'm already running late in my own schedule. I hope that everyone's had a fun few weeks while I was gone... Laterz

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